Welcome to TrippyMojo, the home of everyday products transformed into meaningful works of art with profound stories.

My name is Alvin Koay, and I’m the artist behind the unique Bulat-Bulat generative art collection featured on our products.

As an artist, I believe that art should not be confined to galleries and museums. Instead, it should be a part of our everyday lives, bringing joy, inspiration, and connection to our surroundings. Each artwork from the Bulat-Bulat collection is more than just a design; it represents a moment or emotion from my life’s journey that I’m eager to share with you.

By showcasing my artwork on everyday products, I hope to inspire and enrich your life with my personal stories, making these items much more than just functional objects, but rather, carriers of meaning and emotion.

At TrippyMojo, we value transparency and openness. We collaborate with world-renowned print-on-demand (POD) partners, such as FineArtAmerica, RedBubble, and Society6, to bring you the highest quality merchandise adorned with my art. Our partners handle all aspects of production, logistics, and customer service, ensuring an excellent experience for you.

We operate on a commission and profit-sharing model with our POD partners. When you purchase an item through our website, you’ll be directed to one of our partners’ websites to complete the transaction. In return, we earn affiliate commissions and/or profit shares from our partners, allowing us to focus on creating meaningful art for you to enjoy.

Thank you for joining me on this journey. I invite you to explore the Bulat-Bulat collection and discover the stories behind each artwork.

Together, let’s turn everyday products into beautiful works of art with profound stories, making life just a little bit more colorful and connected.

Alvin Koay