Matsu’s Blue Tears

Matsu’s Blue Tears

Theme's Backstory

As a child, I cherished moments spent by the seaside. During my days as a boy scout, the campfires near the ocean’s edge became unforgettable memories, forged by camaraderie and friendship.

Embracing my adventurous spirit, I would venture to the rocky shores at night to fish. It was during those quiet moments that I would witness the mesmerizing glow of luminous blue colors, scattered along the water’s edge.

These ethereal sights, combined with the hypnotic lapping of the waves, would transport me into a trance-like state of wonder. Alas, these memories were buried deep within me as the responsibilities of adulthood took hold.

Years later, I came across an article about the “Blue Tears” phenomenon – a mesmerizing display of bioluminescent phytoplankton found on the coast of Matsu’s Island in Taiwan.

Like a tidal wave, the cherished memories of my childhood by the sea came flooding back, and I knew I had to create something to immortalize them.

Thus, the theme “Matsu’s Blue Tears” was born, a nostalgic tribute to the enchanting and magical moments of my youth, forever cherished in my heart.

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