Sea of Rambutan

Theme's Backstory

The rambutan, a fruit native to Southeast Asia, has always held a special place in my heart. Its vibrant vermillion red or yellow hues and the warmth and sweetness it offers evoke fond memories of my youth and a deep appreciation for life’s simple pleasures.

During the rambutan season, which coincides with the durian season, I would venture into the Malay villages near my childhood home in the late afternoons. Together with the local children, we would climb the trees to harvest the fruit, creating a sea of red, hairy rambutans in the process.

The excitement of picking rambutans and the camaraderie we shared are memories I cherish dearly. After filling gunny sacks with our treasure, I would laboriously drag them down the dusty road back to my house, the setting sun casting a warm glow over everything.

The “Sea of Rambutans” theme represents those carefree days, the friendships forged, and the simple yet profound joy that comes from connecting with nature and those around us.

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