Time Travel

Theme's Backstory

Years ago, I was fascinated with the idea of becoming a therapist and found myself drawn to a certification program called “Time-Line Therapy.” This unique form of therapy allowed me to delve into a person’s timeline, guiding them through past events to address and resolve various issues that had arisen throughout their lives.

As I underwent the training and gained experience, I was amazed by the profound impact time travel had on the individuals I worked with. They emerged from their journeys with a newfound sense of understanding, growth, and positivity.

Naturally, I also ventured into my own timeline, discovering pivotal moments in my life and working to resolve challenges or reinforce empowering experiences. The artworks within this theme represent my personal time travel expeditions, reflecting various stages of my life’s journey. The darker pieces symbolize challenges faced, while the vibrant, colorful ones depict moments of triumph and personal growth.

This “Time Travel” theme captures the transformative power of self-reflection and healing, reminding us all that our past experiences shape who we are today and that we have the ability to rewrite our own narratives for a brighter future.

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