Blue Yonder

Blue Yonder

Theme's Backstory

Do you ever find yourself gazing at the horizon, wondering what might lie beyond its reach? Pondering what your life could have been if you had ventured down a different path?

There are those who pray for the strength to spread their wings, to soar into the unknown. Others seize the opportunity, despite the fear that may accompany their actions.

And what of you? Do you crave a bold, extraordinary existence, or do you tread softly, biding your time until life’s end comes gently upon you?

As I struggled to build a secure life for my family, these thoughts weighed heavily upon me. In the darkest times, I longed to escape, to let the wind carry me far away.

Yet the artwork in this theme evokes memories of these trials, and the unwavering love for my family that tethered me, urging me to persevere.Through it all, I emerged stronger, more resilient than ever before, a testament to the power of love and determination in the face of adversity.

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