Corals in Koh Lipe

Theme's Backstory

Many years ago, when my children were still small, we embarked on a family trip to Koh Lipe, Thailand. We chartered a small boat to go snorkeling, and I couldn’t wait to explore the ocean’s depths with my children by my side.

However, as we submerged ourselves, the current was stronger than we had anticipated, and my heart was filled with unease as I saw my children drifting away. Thankfully, we spotted a thick red rope nearby that offered a lifeline, and we quickly made our way back to the boat.

But before we climbed back aboard, I couldn’t resist taking one last glance at the vibrant corals beneath the surface, marvelling at their stunning beauty and the profound emotions they stirred within me.

The “Corals in Koh Lipe” collection is my tribute to that unforgettable experience, a reminder of the breathtaking beauty of the ocean and the powerful emotions that come with exploring it with loved ones.

Through these pieces, I hope to capture the wonder and awe that I felt that day and share it with the world.

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