Hippie Rebel

Theme's Backstory

As I reflect on the past, I find myself amused by the peculiar fashions of the previous generation. Bell-bottoms, flowery patterns, and carefree layers of clothing that seemed to defy convention. These memories evoke nostalgia, reminding me of the lively parties my parents hosted when I was just a child.

As I grew older, my siblings and I would glance at old photographs, cringing at the adults’ odd fashion choices. However, over time, my appreciation for the Bohemian-Hippie style flourished as I embraced art and its unbounded freedom.

The desire to live a life unshackled, unstructured, and guided by passion grew stronger within me, caring less about others’ judgments. It became my guiding principle, a vision for a life well-lived until my final days.

The Hippie Rebel art theme is an unconscious tribute to the spirit of rebellion and adventure that characterized those free-spirited souls of the past. Through these works, I embrace the idea of venturing into the unknown, just as the Hippie rebels did in days gone by.

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