Magic Mushroom

Theme's Backstory

In my youth, I found myself constantly on the move, embracing the spirit of adventure.

I recall a 10-day island-hopping journey through Thailand that led me to the remote corners of Koh Samui. As a humble backpacker, I embraced the simple life.

On a brightly lit night with a full moon overhead, I found myself at a lively beach party. It was there that I experienced my first taste of psychedelics and engaged in captivating discussions about magic mushrooms around a crackling campfire. People from various countries and backgrounds gathered, sharing tales of their own transcendent experiences.

As I gazed into the hypnotic dance of the flames, I saw multiple moons, brilliant stars, and vibrant rings of color emerge before my eyes. That night was a celebration of freedom and abandon, a memory of good times that I will forever hold dear.

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