Old Ice Cream Parlour

Theme's Backstory

This theme is rooted in my vivid memories of the iconic movie “Back to the Future,” which left an indelible mark on my teenage years. The film was so influential in my life that my friends even playfully nicknamed me “McFly” because they believed I bore a resemblance to the main character.

One particular scene from the movie has always stayed with me: Marty McFly, the protagonist, travels back in time to save his father from bullies. The setting for this encounter is a charming 1950s cafe, brimming with vintage-chic colors that reemerged in my mind’s eye as I developed this theme.

The cafe’s walls were adorned with playful illustrations of coffee, sandwiches, ice creams, and doughnuts. Although my initial impression was that the setting was an ice cream parlour, it was actually a cafe. Nevertheless, the scene inspired me to imagine my own version of a 1950s ice cream parlour.

This theme, the Old Ice Cream Parlour, is a nostalgic homage to the whimsical world of “Back to the Future” and the enchanting charm of a bygone era.

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