Rose Garden in Rome

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“The Godfather” trilogy has had a profound and lasting impact on me; I’ve watched the entire series at least five times. Set in various locations throughout Rome and Sicily, Italy, the movies evoke a strong sense of nostalgia, transporting me to the picturesque European flower gardens that grace the screen.

As a young adult, the themes woven throughout the Godfather’s narrative – loyalty, power, trust, and family bonds – resonated deeply with me, ultimately shaping my values during those formative years. In my mind, the images of the rose gardens in Europe have become more than just beautiful landscapes; they now symbolize the ideals and values I’ve carried with me throughout my life.

The artworks in this theme, “Rose Garden in Rome,” pay homage to those iconic scenes and the powerful emotions they evoke, capturing the essence of the timeless values that have influenced my journey.

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