Rubies in Burma

Theme's Backstory

My fascination with rubies has been a constant presence throughout my life. There’s a captivating, almost hypnotic quality to these gems that draws you in, transporting you to a mesmerizing, red universe.

In my imagination, I often picture the people of Burma mining for these precious stones, as if they were within the depths of a colossal ruby.

In this vivid vision, the entire world takes on a radiant, blood-red hue, casting everything in a warm and vibrant light. Tiny miners work tirelessly with their spades, searching for the next glimmering prize. When a gem is unearthed, a flurry of excitement surges through the crowd, their elation amplified by the rich redness enveloping them.

The artworks in this theme, “Rubies of Burma,” aim to capture the essence of this magical realm I’ve envisioned, inspired by the breathtaking allure of rubies and the people who dedicate their lives to uncovering their beauty.

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