Rustic Charm

Theme's Backstory

My fascination with vintage items and their untold stories began during my early school years when we were tasked with writing essays about the lives of inanimate objects. The exercise of weaving narratives around ordinary items like a pen or a feather duster ignited my imagination and nurtured my love for storytelling.

These formative experiences developed a lifelong curiosity, and to this day, stepping into an antique shop fills me with excitement and inspiration. As I explore the dusty shelves and hidden corners, my mind brims with questions and creative possibilities, wondering about the rich histories and memories these objects carry within them.

The theme “Rustic Charm” pays homage to the timeless allure of antiquities and the captivating stories that lie beneath the surface of worn-out objects. Each artwork in this collection aims to evoke the nostalgia and warmth of the past, inviting viewers to lose themselves in the tales these items have to tell.

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