Home Office Decor Inspiration for the creative mind (+ examples of using Psychedelic Art)

A well-decorated and inspiring home office is essential for creativity and productivity. This is because, without comfort and motivation in one’s workspace, it’s tough to get anything done.

The fundamental premise of today’s article is to explore what a well-decorated office would look like (with subjectivity in mind, of course) and its impact on one’s productivity.

Importance of a well-decorated and inspiring home office

Your home office is not just a place where you go to work—it reflects who you are, a sanctuary for your creativity, and a source of inspiration. It is an oasis where the intricate tapestry of your creativity unfurls—if you will. A fantastic office space, therefore, is an environment that nurtures one’s creativity and stimulates productivity.

In fact, an appreciable productivity level dictates that a worker spends approximately 70-75% of their time working—with the rest of the time spent taking breaks.

However, achieving such productivity depends on factors like the working environment, personal distractions, stress, background noise, room temperature, and even the aesthetic appeal of the workspace.

The Impact of Your Workspace on Productivity

In a world replete with studies and statistics, a resounding truth emerges. The visual appeal of your workspace can have a profound effect on your mood, motivation, and productivity. Studies by the University of Exeter’s School of Psychology revealed the potential for remarkable improvements in workers’ attitudes towards their jobs by allowing them to personalise their offices.

They found that employees who possess control over their workspace’s aesthetic design and layout are happier and up to 32% more productive.

In fact, home offices provide the ultimate freedom of expression in workspace design, as they are already in one’s domain of control.

You get to choose everything, and if done right, it can provide the benefits described in the paragraph above.

Enter, dear reader, the realm of psychedelic art.

With its vibrant colours, intricate patterns, and mesmerising visuals, psychedelic art can captivate one’s imagination and heighten creativity.

The Psychedelic Art Trend in Home Office Decor

In recent years, there has been a resurgence of interest in psychedelic art, and it has found its way into the realm of home office decor.

This art style, characterised by its bold and abstract designs, offers a unique approach to decorating your workspace.

In fact, incorporating psychedelic art into your home office can create a stimulating environment that sparks inspiration and creativity. The vivid colours and intricate patterns can transport you to new dimensions of imagination, helping you to break free from creative blocks and ignite your artistic potential.

These mood, creativity, and overall productivity benefits should excite you enough to consider adding psychedelic art to your home office.

How can I make my home office more inspiring?

Wall art

Wall art is generally a great way to transform the ambience of your home office without too much fuss.

The work to put up the pieces is often simple, and most people do it themselves. By carefully selecting and arranging captivating pieces, you can infuse your workspace with personality and inspiration, breathing life into an otherwise dull space.

Check out the vast collection of psychedelic wall art pieces at TrippyMojo. These pieces are curated to boast a captivating blend of colours, shapes, and patterns that will undoubtedly add a touch of intrigue to your home office. You’ll be sure to find something that speaks to your creative soul.

trippymojo framed canvas

How do you style a home office wall?

Styling your home office can be a creative and enjoyable process. Alongside psychedelic art prints, you should consider incorporating elements like wall tapestries and wall murals to make your space visually captivating.

trippymojo tapestry

Do consider iteratively experimenting with different styles, textures, and arrangements to find the right harmony with your personal style and the existing furniture in the office.

Office and desk accessories

Office and desk accessories are not only functional but can also serve as decorating accents to enhance the visual appeal of your workspace. These serve as a convergence of form and function. Opt for accessories that maximise both, with the form aspect fulfilled by great psychedelic designs to infuse your office with bursts of colour and creativity.

trippy desk mat

Check out Trippy Mojo’s impressive collection of desk accessories.

Adding a great desk mat and pencil holder will give your otherwise bland-looking desk a nice touch of colour and transform your workspace.


The importance of the right furniture shouldn’t be overlooked when trying to create a cohesive and inspiring home office.

Explore Trippy Mojo’s furniture collection, which features unique designs with a psychedelic touch. Whether you prefer minimalist or eclectic styles in your desks or chairs, these pieces will transform your office into a space that exudes inspiration and creativity.

trippymojo side table

Area rugs

An often overlooked area of a home office is the floor, and the funny thing is that it is probably the largest area. Area rugs provide the opportunity to introduce psychedelic patterns into your workspace while adding comfort at the same time.

trippymojo rug

Trippy Mojo offers a variety of area rugs with psychedelic designs that bring a unique and eye-catching element to your floor. Choose a rug that complements your office’s colour scheme and overall aesthetic.


If you desire a bolder statement, consider incorporating psychedelic-designed wallpaper into your home office aesthetic. These can transform a simple wall into a mesmerising focal point. Experiment with various patterns to find the right balance between vibrancy and sophistication.

trippymojo wallpaper

Your home office should reflect your artistic spirit, and these wallpapers offer an opportunity to express this.

Table top stuff

Small details make a big difference in creating an inspiring work environment. Consider adding psychedelic-themed cups, coffee mugs, or serving trays to your office setup. These infuse your workspace with character and provide an opportunity for moments of inspiration during coffee breaks or meetings.

trippymojo mug


Proper lighting is essential for creating an inviting and productive workspace. Try to incorporate as much natural light as possible, as it reduces fatigue and allows for longer productivity spans.

Aside from natural light, choose lighting fixtures that complement the overall aesthetic of your office while providing ample illumination.

You could also consider adding colourful lamps and string lights for an extra touch of enchantment.

Tips and Ideas for Incorporating Psychedelic Art into Your Home Office

When it comes to infusing your home office with the captivating allure of psychedelic art, there are many possibilities to explore. These possibilities require you to consider your character as a person, your budget, the size of your space and the type of work you do.

  •     Choosing the right psychedelic art pieces for different office sizes and layouts
  1. For smaller office spaces, consider opting for smaller art pieces or a focal point statement piece that draws the eye and adds depth to the area.
  2. Feel free to experiment with larger art installations in larger home offices or create a gallery wall showcasing a diverse collection of psychedelic art.
  3. Pay attention to the dimensions of the art pieces to ensure they complement the size and layout of your home office.
  •     Blending psychedelic art with other decor for a balanced aesthetic
  1. You can pair psychedelic art with modern, minimalist, bohemian or even industrial elements for a captivating juxtaposition.
  2. Incorporate complementary colours from the psychedelic art into decor accents such as furniture, rugs, or accessories to create a visually appealing look.
  3. Don’t be uneasy about mixing and matching patterns and colours, as the vibrant nature of psychedelic art can beautifully coexist with subtle or bold prints in your furniture, textiles or wallpaper.
  •     Layering different pieces for a cohesive look
  1. Begin by selecting a focal point for the office, such as a psychedelic wall art piece and let it set the tone and theme for the entire space.
  2. Build upon a wall art foundation by incorporating complementary desk accessories like pen holders, mouse pads, and organisers.
  3. Complete the layered effect by integrating furniture pieces that harmonise the overall aesthetic, such as psychedelic-inspired chairs, desks or credenzas that seamlessly blend into the theme.

It’s important to remember that the key to successfully incorporating psychedelic art lies in balancing boldness and cohesion. This can help you create a home office that is not only visually captivating but also a reflection of your unique creative identity.


Creating an inspiring home office is a journey that starts with thoughtful decor choices to infuse it with vibrant energy.

Amidst a curated collection of psychedelic art and decor at Trippy Mojo, you will find a means to unleash your creative potential and transform your home office into an oasis of artistic expression and productivity.

Let your imagination run wild!

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